Terms & Conditions


By agreement of these terms and conditions,
you (as customer/user) will form a contract with Photography Bart Tanghe
Photography Bart Tanghe, is a qualified professional photographer.
Email: info[at]barttanghe.be
VAT: BE0872 430 371
All prices are 21% taxed. (except digital photo albums are 6%)

By ordering, you agree the terms and conditions.
Photography Bart Tanghe will remain of having full rights to change the terms and conditions.
Photography Bart Tanghe is a member of SOFAM. (www.sofam.be)
SOFAM is a official partnership for authorrights of visual artists.


All images are copyrighted by the author/photographer: Photography Bart Tanghe.
The author/photographer, Photography Bart Tanghe, will still have all author rights.
The author/photographer can use his images for any kind of purpose  (social media, portfolio, expositions, …) unless other agreement with the client.
Every single work or image is registrated by SOFAM.

User rights

Images officialy bought by the user (customer), are in full resolution (max 3000px, 300dpi).
The user has the right to use the image(s) for the purposes which are agreed in the contract.
The user has no right to change the image in any kind of processing without permission of the photographer, Photography Bart Tanghe.
In any use of those purposes, the user has to mention the name of the author, Photography Bart Tanghe.
If any case of none mentioning or without confirmation of the author, the user will be warned or will get a fine by SOFAM.

Abuse and copying

Abuse and illegal copying of these images will lead and proceed to legal actions.

Permissonforms of image uses (Dutch download)